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Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

That sense of transport

I'm a fan of time travel stories and period pieces. Well, I should be more specific on the latter. I like historical movies that really put you into the time period. I'm not so big on them when they're meticulous about all the costumes but write dialog that would not have been said by anybody before the last ten years. The John Adams miniseries is almost perfect in my book.

James Bowman wrote something on this recently, and had some recommendations I put into my Netflix queue. Based on his descriptions I added Ride with the Devil, Les Enfents du Paradis, and King's Row. He likes the same things as I do in such movies, and is even more intolerant of anachronisms, especially when the film maker didn't even seem to see it as his duty to avoid them.

Anyone have other favorites?

[Update: Ride with the Devil arrived yesterday and I watched it last night. Fine movie. The dialog was probably its strongest suit. In that, it was good the way an Aubrey/Maturin book is good. You knew whoever wrote it could distinguish something that would be said now from something that would be said back then.]

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